Alcalá de Henares

Alcalá de Henares

Monday, January 18, 2010

Final Decisions about Classes...

So after much deliberation, I've finally figured out what classes I am going to take, and its not what I said before. Seeing as I added a major a little late, I really need to make sure that all of my classes will transfer back to Hope and that I am meeting the requirements for both my International Studies major and Spanish minor. I'm taking the semester off from Communications but I'm ok with that. So classes. One of my classes here was cancelled and I don't really need one of my classes, so I had to entirely rearrange my schedule. So now I am taking two classes on Monday & Wednesdays and they are "Civilization and Spanish Culture" and "Geography and History of Spain." On Tuesday and Thursdays, I have a required Grammar class, "Political Relations of the Mediterranean," and "Comparing the U.S. and Spain in Culture, Politics, and Social Structure." Yes I will know a lot about Spain when I come home. Because Hope is sweet (note sarcasm), the only class that will count for my Spanish minor is my grammar class. And even sweeter, the class is only three credits so either I can take a one credit hour of conversation next fall, or keep some sort of blog because Hope requires 4 credits, not 3. Hmmm. I'm going to go with blog, so that means I need to create another blog in Spanish for my time abroad. I don't feel the need to share this blog since it will most likely be entirely in Spanish. Fail. But my four other classes have been approved by the Registrar himself, so it looks like I'll get my 12 credits of International Studies electives done! Plus, I'm getting my Arts I waived by going to awesome museums and what not, so there goes 4 more credits. So in total, if this was a semester at Hope, I would be taking 25 credits. Crazy! But I only have to pay for the 16 because each class only counts as 3, not 4 credits. It's weird I know and how I managed to figure this all out is beyond me. Many thanks to Professor André, Professor Fernandez, Professor Woolsey, Professor Dandavati, the Registrar, and the Hope College website. I can still graduate on time!

But in other news, today was pretty good. The weather was in the upper 60s/70s I heard and clear blue skies. I walked home from school today because I was so inspired by the stupendous weather. I started with my coat on, then my cardigan, and by the time I got home I was in my t-shirt. I walked by myself and it was a great time to be alone with my thoughts and reflect and I didn't get lost! Doing good. But I did buy another bus pass, so if I'm not feeling as motivated tomorrow, I can take the bus home if I want. I'm still debating about walking to school. Maybe if I can get my friend Claire to go with me :)

I shared with my host dad that I needed to create a blog and he was super excited. I didn't tell him that I already had a blog, and he proceeded to tell me about his blog and how you can create a blog. I nodded my head politely and even let him show me his blog online. Then I had to sign into my e-mail, and I almost died because he almost saw my blog about Spain! Luckily I showed him my friend Kelsey's blog (haha thanks Kelsey Freya Hawkins), and slyly navigated myself away from my page. What a close one. But that's enough for today. I've been missing siestas lately and its starting to catch up with me so I think its time for bed. Good night.

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  1. yay for graduating on time!! :) p.s. I would love a siesta...