Alcalá de Henares

Alcalá de Henares

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Classes, you slay me...but at least there's chocolate to make it all better!

Haha just kidding. My classes changed again. The Political Relations of the Mediterranean class was cancelled because they need 5 students in the class and there were only 4. Fail. But we still had to finish the class and take notes? Why? But either way, I'm a little relieved because the class looked kind of hard and boring. But on the bright side, I get to take Intro to Latin American lit. (approved by Jon Huisken himself) like I had planned before and I have three good friends in that class. Yay for taking classes con mis amigas!

This morning I was feeling super ambitious and decided to walk to class with my two friends Claire and Nicole that live in my neighborhood. However, Nicole is always late and was about 10 minutes late, so I called her (costing me precious Euros on my cell phone) and told her that we were leaving and she could catch us if she wanted to walk fast because we were probably going to be late for class. So Claire and I started off, Nicole caught up, and we just made it to class. The walk is about a 40 minute walk going at a decent pace, and we made it in about 25 minutes? Needless to say, I showed up to class slightly sweaty, irritated, and tired. But at least I'm getting exercise! But I think from now on I'll just walk by myself or say we are leaving at the specified time and will not wait because I am not running to class again...

So today was kind of a sad/bad day. I felt like I had to sign my life away to the Spanish language. Yep, that's right. Today was the day that I "promised" that I would speak only in Spanish from Monday to Friday (my favorite days of the week are now Saturday and Sunday), and will only speak Spanish to my American friends, in class, and at home. And I need to think only in Spanish? Good thing they can't monitor my thoughts. And my host mom said that we must talk for about half an hour every night to improve my Spanish speaking. I appreciate her efforts and hopefully they will pay off!

But in other news, another good food day in Spain. Interesting but good. I had a soup with lentajes (beans) and it was pretty good. The main course was empanadas and they were filled with some type of meat. I ate two and then asked if it was chicken inside. I was wrong, it was tuna! But it didn't taste fishy at all, so I was good with it. For dinner we had costillas (ribs) and they were pretty good but I was served first and it was a little awkward because I didn't know if I should cut them or eat them with my hands (Nate can attest to the fact that I hate eating things with my hands), so I tried the fork and knife first but finally gave up and went with my hands.

But I forgot to mention that yesterday I went to the supermarket and bought some chocolates. A pretty big box for 1.50 Euros (I've decided walking to class justifies this purchase). They are chocolate truffles and taste like they are coated in a hot chocolate mix kind of? Needless to say, for my siesta I laid in bed and ate chocolates and fell asleep. Perfect. I could get used to this Spanish life but for now, it's time for bed. More tomorrow! Love from Spain!

P.S. I learned how to upload pics so check my other posts for the pics.!

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  1. laura's phrase of the week: "you slay me."

    used it in a facebook comment. gotchya.

    ps- i've beet monitoring your thoughts. you have not met your spanish thought quota. step up your game.