Alcalá de Henares

Alcalá de Henares

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So today was the first fútbol game for my team.  Did I mention that I joined a soccer team while abroad (even though I've never played).

Let's just say it was an interesting experience.  I didn't bring any work out clothes because I figure I don't work out at Hope, so why bother trying to do it here?  That just left more room in my suitcase for other important things like jeans and shoes.  However.  Now I'm in a bind because I need clothes to work out in.  Luckily H&M had some cute, and really cheap!, work out clothes, so I'm set for now.

I was running a smidge late, and decided that I would run to the soccer field from my house.  Bad idea.  The wind was blowing directly at me, which I'm sure made me look funny to all the walkers.  Whatevs.  But I finally arrived at the soccer field after a 15 minute run (I haven't run since last March, but it actually felt good to run so I'm hoping to continue this for awhile), and what a surprise.  There were legit soccer people.  Excuse me, men/boys, no girls except my team.  Jokes on us.  The other teams had matching uniforms, cleats, shin guards, tall socks, all the soccer crapt that my team was lacking haha.  We just decided to sign up for fun but these guys looked legit.  Boo.

So after kicking the ball around for awhile and trying to decide which team would slaughter us, we finally stepped onto the field.  Only to be told that we weren't going to be playing on this field.  So we walked to where our next field was.  It was a tennis court turned into soccer field?  What is this Spain?  Really?  And there were also more intense soccerish things going on here, so I think my team decided to call it quitsies since it looked like they had already started?  It was just very weird and awkward to stand around in the cold, but it sounded like a good idea at the time.  I think the miscommunication occurred with the professor that was supposed to set up a schedule for us.  Apparently he forgot since no one wanted to play us?  Or maybe no one wanted to play us.  Who knows.  Guess we need to hablar con Carlos tomorrow.  Shoot.  Funny day, funny day.

But in the meantime, I enjoyed my little run today and am looking forward to running a bit more once the weather gets a bit nicer.  It's been sunny pretty much all this week but windy and cold, so it hasn't been that great.  I hear Michigan has better weather.  What is this?  Spain.  You were supposed to be warm in February.  Get a move on it!  Please and thanks.  Sincerely, Laura.

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