Alcalá de Henares

Alcalá de Henares

Monday, March 1, 2010


Next item on the list: Cuenca.  I went to Cuenca with the University, mainly because it was free and I had nothing better to do with my Friday.  Plus I probably wouldn't have gone on my own since it's 2 and a half hours away from where I live.  So off I went with the classes that were going.

Cuenca is a unique city because it has "Casas Colgadas," which pretty much means that the town has houses that are built into the cliffs.  I would like to tell you that I know more about them, but this wasn't a field trip for my class, so I mainly focused on taking pictures.

When we got there, it was rainy (of course the rain follows me everywhere).  We walked across a bridge to get to a casa colgada, which just so happened to be a modern art museum?  We had a tour guide, and man did she love art!  She spoke very fast, but the weird thing was, I actually could understand her!  Yay Spanish skills!  But I was surprised at how interested I was in the art because I normally don't like modern art.  My favorite piece was of a model, but at first I couldn't tell it was supposed to be a high fashion super model.  It was only when I was sitting, looking from an angle.  Can you see her?  Guess I just need a little more exposure to this type of art.

After the art museum, we were given some free time.  My friend Nicole and I decided to walk around the city and opted not to go for lunch since we had both brought a lunch.  We roamed and found some pretty scenic overlooks (by accident), and it's always fun to see what you can find.  I think my quote for my time in Spain is the North Face logo: "Never Stop Exploring."  You may find it cheesy, I'll admit it is, but it's so true.  I want to explore every city I go to, and I'm trying to see as much as I can in the limited amount of time that I have!  The town of Cuenca is kind of what I expected Alcalá to be like, small little streets, brightly painted houses, big cathedrals, etc.  Don't get me wrong, Alcalá is wonderful, but sometimes it feels a little more modern than some of the other cities that I have visited.

After our free time, we went into the Cathedral.  It was pretty impressive.  We were told that we couldn't take pictures, which just made me want to take some just to do it.  But I refrained (ok I lie, I took some but they turned out blurry).  So no pics to post of inside of the cathedral.  But Cuenca was a unique place, definitely different than other cities mainly because of the casas colgadas...sick of hearing words that begin with "C" yet?

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