Alcalá de Henares

Alcalá de Henares

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Castillos = Castles

Last post that needs to be caught up on.  Thank goodness.  I forgot to mention that it is mid-terms week, which means any form of procrastination is welcome.  Like blogging.  You know that it's bad when you'd rather blog about your past two weeks, than study for tests.

But this past weekend, instead of studying on Friday, I had a class trip for my Civilization class to Segovia (been there before but oh well), and also to another castle.  We took the bus to Segovia and I got to see the wonderful castle once again.
Only this time, I had a tour guide and some of the stuff actually made sense.  Also, I found out that I had missed a couple of rooms with all the weapons in them, you know boy stuff.  However, I was informed that the castle burned in the 1800s, and this is just a replica of what the castle was like.  Shoot.  They sure got me.  It's fun to dream though.  I would say this visit to Segovia was still a worthwhile venture because I found a sweet little café and got a pastry and hot chocolate.  Wonders.  Also, it wasn't rainy that day so I actually got some good pictures of the aqueduct with blue skies!

But the next castle that we went too was awesome, much better than the Segovia castle (once I found out that that one was kind of like a knock-off).  It is called the Castillo de Manzanares El Real or something like that.  The difference between a Castillo (Segovia) and an Alcazar is that a Castillo is more for royalty, like Felipe the third or fourth or people important like that.  This part of the tour got a little sketchy with my Spanish.  An Alcazar is a residence for nobles and people not as important as kings pretty much.  Who knows.  Still cool though. The views of the mountains were awesome as well.

Other activities this weekend included going to Burrito's, one of my favorite restaurants in Alcalá.  It is a Mexican restaurant, surprising yes I know, but I go there mainly for the fantastic guacamole and chips.  The sangria there is also good.  Every so often, if you're lucky, a mariachi band will appear and play typical mariachi music.  I just so happened to be lucky and they did come last Friday.

I also let myself out of the house to go to the mall with friends, and it is sad that the rebajas are ending.  But it is also good at the same time because now I don't feel the need to go wander around the mall.  On Sunday I had a family dinner on my mom's side because it was her birthday and also because her sisters like to get together every so often with their families.  My friend Claire was also at the dinner, so it was nice to have someone familiar there.  Well I think I'm caught up for the most part, minus a few things but I will slowly make my way into getting those in here as well.

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