Alcalá de Henares

Alcalá de Henares

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Yesterday I traveled to Segovia, not without a few problems with public transportation.  We left Alcalá and headed to one of Madrid's main train stations, Chamartin.  From Chamartin we took another train to Segovia.  I fell asleep on the train and luckily my friend Sarah woke me up when we got there.  From the train station, we took a bus (we didn't know which bus to take so we watched everybody else got on bus 11 and decided that was a good choice) and made it to downtown Segovia.  Luckily.  Segovia, like Toledo, is known for a couple different attractions: A castle, a cathedral, and the aqueduct.

My friends and I headed to the castle first since we wanted to see that most.  I was told that the castle in either Sleeping Beauty or Snow White is based off of this castle.  We got a tour of the castle, and I'm not sure if I could handle living there mainly because it was colder inside than it was outside!  We also paid the extra 2 Euro to go up to the top of the castle and get the scenic view of Segovia and the surrounding countryside.  It was worth it.  The pictures won't really do it justice but it was beautiful!

After the castle we headed back in to town.  We didn't go in the Cathedral because we were told that we couldn't take pictures inside the cathedral but it was enormous.  You could see it pretty much anywhere in town, and it was a good marking point.  Next we went to the aqueduct, and it is over 2,000 years old and was built by the Romans.  It was pretty impressive and in impeccable condition.  We were able to see the aqueduct during both the daylight and during the night and I'm not sure which one was better.  I also tried the signature dessert of Segovia, "Ponche," and it was ok.  I think I'm just partial to Funfetti cake though.  Then it was back on the bus, to get on a train, to get on another train, to get on a bus, to walk home.

And just when I thought I was mastering the public transportation, I got on the wrong bus to get home.  Epic fail.  But I knew where I was and just caught the next bus home.  Just goes to show that sometimes a 7 looks like a 2, and you wind up in "Ensanche" and not "Hipica."  In all, a successful weekend of traveling.

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