Alcalá de Henares

Alcalá de Henares

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Slowly but surely...

This week has been super busy with classes, but it's time to begin blogging again about Semana Santa.  So here it goes:

Day 3:
Today we had to get up early to leave for Scotland.  We left our hostel and took a double decker bus to the train station/bus station.  Ride double decker bus, complete.  So off we went and got to the bus station with no problems.  Then back to the airport that was an hour away to catch our plane.

At the airport, I got stopped in security because my small can of hairspray was outside of the 1 quart zip lock bag.  My bad.  So the kind British lady proceeded to take out all of the contents of my backpack.  Poor her because I had a lot of stuff in my backpack.  When she took out some of the touristy things that I had bought, my head sunk with shame.  Of course I had to buy little trinkets from London like the telephone booth pencil sharpener and the double decker bus!  They were a must.  She just laughed and continued to pull out all of the contents of my bag.  She reached my "food" section and out came the cookies and other delicious goods that I had with me.  So while my friends and I were waiting for her to get done searching my bag, we opened the bag of cookies and began to eat them.  Another airport security man came over and asked in his lovely British accent, "Does someone have biscuits over here?"  I said that I did, and he asked if he could have one.  I thought he was joking, but I said sure and he did indeed take one!  Friendliest airport security experience ever.  

Made it into Glasgow and it was very cold and rainy.  As the picture shows, very rainy indeed.  We found the place where the bus comes to pick people up, however we had no idea which bus we needed to take.  We asked a redhaired Scottish lady if she knew which bus would take us to the Glasgow bus station and she was very helpful in telling us which bus we needed to take.  Made it to the Glasgow bus station and then began our journey to Aberdeen to finally be reunited with Kelsey and Mary!

On the ride, I was able to view a bit of the Scottish countryside.  It is by far one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen.  Little sheep dotted the lush green pastures, quaint little houses, broken wooden fences. Very beautiful indeed.  The bus ride went super fast, and before I knew it we were getting into Aberdeen.  I gathered all of my things and hoped that finding Mary and Kelsey wouldn't be too difficult.  Once getting off the bus, I could see through the glass door my two beautiful friends.  What a joyous reunion.  Until I tried to push the door when it was pull.  Oh well, I was just happy to finally see some familiar faces on this side of the globe!

We decided to walk to Mary's flat from downtown which proved to be an interesting adventure.  We went to a supermarket and I finally reconnected with some missed foods from home, like Cool Ranch Dorito's and a few other unhealthy goods.  Walked around a bit more with our trusty Scottish locals, finally made it to Mary's flat and got settled in.  We spent the night talking a bit and then getting situated to fit 4 people into a room that was built for one.  Mary was a very gracious host though and we were very grateful to have a warm room to sleep in.

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  1. yay! and i was so glad to have you guys stay with me. it's easy to be a good hostess when you have such wonderful guests:)