Alcalá de Henares

Alcalá de Henares

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back to school, back to school..

Back to school it is.  Classes and everything.  Yesterday was a super busy day with my 3 classes.  Right after classes, I had my 2 hour conversation period (intercambio) with a lady named Ana.  She took me through a park in Alcalá and we walked and talked.  One hour in English.  One hour in Spanish.  It was really nice out, except I had a huge bag plus my purse and all of my books.  Not exactly ideal for walking, but I really liked seeing the more "natural" part of Alcalá.  After my intercambio, I had what was supposed to be a half hour tutoring session to go over some material we have covered in my grammar class that I need a little more clarification on.  Well half hour turned in to an hour.  I'm just glad for the extra help though.  Hopefully it will boost my next exam grade and all this hard work will pay off.  After the tutoría, I was able to go home finally but when I got home, I had another intercambio with my host dad.  It lasted only 45 minutes because he had to go pick up my host sister, but I really like my intercambio with my host dad because I know he appreciates it, and it's fun to learn more about him (and I love hearing people speak English with different accents).

As for this weekend, I'm off to León with my program.  I believe we are going to a "bodega" aka vineyard, so that should be fun.  My director informed us that we get one glass of red, and one glass of white.  And that is all.  I am more than okay with just a few sips of each and calling it good.  I think we are also going to a cave?  I will let you know on Sunday I guess how it all goes.  

Also, I would like to say that my Spring Break blog is coming tomorrow.  With all of my tutoring sessions, homework, and intercambios it makes for a really short day.  But hopefully tomorrow I can sit down and write up the blog about my travels and add the pictures.  So until tomorrow.  All my love to everyone back home!

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