Alcalá de Henares

Alcalá de Henares

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

End of Semana Santa or until my computer runs out of battery...

I would go with the latter on that.  So I've officially become the worst blogger.  Lies, I know some of my other friends have only blogged 4 or 5 times during their whole time in Spain.  But the thing with blogging is that it is time consuming and it's always hard to describe my experiences abroad but at least it's an attempt.  So Semana Santa continued...

Day 5: Aberdeen
Today was definitely the most chill day of Semana Santa.  No getting up at insanely early hours of the morning to catch a bus.  No 8 hour bus rides.  No airplanes.  Just a very relaxing day.  Mary made us a wonderful pancake breakfast, delicious pancakes.  Then we took a walk through the one and only, Seaton Park.  I got to see where Mary and Kelsey go to school, which is kind of like Hogwarts I guess.  We caught the bus downtown and went shopping at Primark (best store with the cheapest/cutest clothes, deadly combination), H&M, Top Shop, and a few other stores.  For lunch I ate 4 cookies, real cookies none of those Spanish wannabe's.  It was a successful lunch.  Mary wanted to take us to get macaroni pies but the place was closed on Sundays, but I was more than pleased with my cookies: 2 Semi-sweet chocolate chip and 2 white chocolate and raspberries.  Delicious all wrapped up in a tiny to go box.  We spent all afternoon downtown shopping in Aberdeen, and I apologize to Kelsey and Mary for making you wait in Primark for an ungodly amount of time.  I also found a Laura Ashley store in a mall and of course had to get a picture by it!  I caved and bought a Starbucks because I figured, why not, I'm on vacation (as if these 4 months aren't just an extended vacation haha).  I'm not going to lie, my backpack was quite a bit fuller after leaving Aberdeen from this afternoon.  But where there's a will there's a way, and I definitely fit all my purchases back into the trusty backpack so no worries.

After the trip downtown, we dropped our stuff off at Mary's flat and headed to the North Sea.  It reminded me a little of Ludington up in Northern Michigan because of the way the river goes out into the sea.  Ludington only Scottish version I guess.  I even ventured into going into the sea but not very far because it was absolutely frigid.  Frigid.  After our lovely adventures, we headed back to Mary's apartment and got ready for our last night in Aberdeen.

We headed out to a Scottish pub called Slain's Castle, which is Mary and Kelsey's favorite pub.  If they like it it has to be good right?  Just trusting the locals.  Spot on.  They have a menu of the "7 Deadly Sins" and each cocktail is supposed to represent one of the sins.  What a fun idea!  I got "Envy" because I'm a fan of Creme de Menthe.  It didn't disappoint.  Very fun evening  with friends, both old and new.

Very successful day and probably one of my favorite, scratch that, favorite day during Semana Santa.  Great friends, great shopping, great adventures.  Does life get any better?  Many thanks to Mary Cantor and Kelsey Hawkins for being the best tour guides Aberdeen has ever known.  For real.  And once again, apologies for Primark haha.

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