Alcalá de Henares

Alcalá de Henares

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Barca, Barca, Barca

Day 8: ANTM goes to Barcelona (again)...

So today was a long long day of walking and exploring the city.  We got up early and went to Spain's largest fresh market, La Boquería.  Lots and lots of fruit, lots and lots of fruit juices, and many strange meats.  "Fruit land" was fun, but fish/sheep head land was not so fun.  So I stayed in "Fruit land" for most of my time.  I was informed that the strawberries were huge, so when I got there I was expecting strawberries the size of your head.  Ok well maybe not that big, but pretty decent size strawberries.  I wasn't able to take too many pictures because I had my purse and was paranoid about being pick-pocketed so I mainly focused on picking out the best smoothies and biggest strawberries.  Hundreds and hundreds of wonderful strawberries.  Strawberry heaven!  I bought a bunch with the plan of eating them in Parque Guell, our next destination.

We had to take the metro once again to get to Parque Guell because it's a little farther from the center of town.  This park was inspired by Barcelona's famous architect Antoni Gaudí and it was amazing.  It didn't take us long to figure out that this was where America's Next Top Model season 7 was filmed!  The one with the wedding dresses if you are an avid watcher like myself.  So of course a ridiculously obnoxious Tyra-like photo shoot had to happen.  So practically 200 pictures later, we were feeling pretty satisfied with our sillyness/ridiculousness.  I was a strawberry model for one of them, obviously.  If you couldn't tell, I love strawberries!  Probs my fav.  We sat for awhile looking out over the city, soaking up the sun and people watching.  It was a relaxing time, and I started in on the strawbs to discover that half of them were moldy!  Saddest day ever.  But the ones that weren't were pretty delicious, so sunniness and strawbs made for one happy Laura.

After our park outing, we got some ice cream, which just continued to make the day oh so great.  After ice cream, a couple of the girls went back to siesta and Sarah, Nina, and I continued our exploration of the city.  We headed towards the port area and saw some chair lift things from a distance.  We decided to walk towards them to see if we could take it up and sure enough, we found it and had a nice little ride to the top.  Once at the top we had a great view of Barcelona and also the Mediterranean!  I was able to see where our cruise ship will leave too, so that was exciting as well.  Only 8 more days!  But we explored a fort like thing, had another obnoxious photo shoot and called it a day.  It was really windy, and wearing a dress was a difficulty but Nina and I managed to make it work with the help of a couple of hair ties.  Probably not the most fashionable look, but we were desperate.  After our exploration, I crashed due to exhaustion and couldn't muster up enough energy to go out for the night.  But we still had another whole day in Barcelona, and I knew it would be another long walking day, so I head to prepare myself right?

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